Woman-child Awareness Movement is a non-profit organization. For centuries many women have been maltreated and abused by their spouses in their marital homes The reason why some women are counted as secondary objects in marriages is that some men do not understand the word marriage. Women-child Awareness Movement (WAM) educates both spouses about marriage. Marriage is between two people, who fall in love, and they come together to form a family. In most African societies eg marriages are arranged by the family members, but with love and understanding, those marriages work. Marriage should be of mutual respect and should be base on true love. There should be a trend of communication where each party have a say in it. Marriage should also be base on understanding and sharing. One should look in marriage as a company where the man is the head manager and woman the co-manager. Marriage should not be like a master (the man) and a slave (the women). In this case the woman is a victim and can create a problem.

WAM advise couples to work out unpleasant situations in the early stages to avoid divorce. WAM also advise divorced families by counselling including children if any.

Divorce is not a solution in misunderstanding but rather it produces chaos in homes and the child (children) is caught up in between. Men can treat women better in marriages ( vice versa) and let us stop this” Divorce Epidemic Syndrome”. Let us work together for a better, peaceful, and happy and conducive homes for our children, the future Government. True love marriage is not manipulation, egoistic and controlling. Love is patient, endurance, giving, caring and sharing each other's burden

The aims and objectivies refer to concepts of WAM.

Founder: Betty Sieben